About Us

We are a locally owned and operated Sunshine Coast business that continues to grow and build capability for our clients.  


Built on a strong foundation of Civil Engineering qualifications and experience, ATTAIN takes a very pragmatic and practical approach in delivering projects for clients - borne from the ex-Army Engineers background. 

Our Promise 


''ATTAIN'' - success in achieving.  We promise to succeed in achieving your project goals.

Our Values


We are a company built on values and principles


  • Leadership and Decisiveness


  • Innovation and Technology


  • Loyalty and Trust


  • Achievement and Delivery


  • Courage and Professionalism


  • Relationships and Communications



Our Difference


We want to be different and we want to show you we are different. What makes us different:


  • Passion and Enthusiasm - it is infectious and unites our team for a common purpose


  • Insight and Planning - always 1 and sometimes 2 steps ahead, helps us navigate through challenges


  • Dedication and Commitment - military like discipline in the pursuit of achieving objectives

  • Perspective and Analysis - we will challenge the status quo to drive improvements