About Us

We are a locally owned and operated Sunshine Coast business that continues to grow and build capability for our clients.  Built on a strong foundation of civil engineering qualifications and experience, ATTAIN takes a very pragmatic and practical approach in delivering projects for clients.  Our capability allows us to work across all facets of civil earthworks including all underground services infrastructure such as comms, water, power, sewer and drainage services and this is where we specialise and enjoy working.



Our Promise  ''ATTAIN'' - success in achieving.  We promise to succeed in achieving your project goals.

Our Values


We are a company built on values and principles


  • Leadership and Decisiveness


  • Innovation and Technology


  • Loyalty and Trust


  • Achievement and Delivery


  • Courage and Professionalism


  • Relationships and Communications



Our Difference


We want to be different and we want to show you we are different. What makes us different:


  • Passion and Enthusiasm - it is infectious and unites our team for a common purpose


  • Insight and Planning - always 1 and sometimes 2 steps ahead, helps us navigate through challenges


  • Dedication and Commitment - military like discipline in the pursuit of achieving objectives

  • Perspective and Analysis - we will challenge the status quo to drive improvements

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